Latin American Observatory on Human Mobility, Climate Change and Disasters

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An initiative of the University for Peace (UPEACE) and the South American Network for Environmental Migrations (RESAMA) to improve the dissemination of data and knowledge relating to climate change, disasters and human mobility in Latin America and the Caribbean.

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Human mobility in the context of climate change and disasters in Latin America and the Caribbean

Latin America and the Caribbean is a region vulnerable to the effects of climate change and disasters. Geophysical, meteorological, hydrological and climatological events, as well as significant environmental degradation, characterize the region.

Human mobility motivated by environmental factors is already a reality in the region. There is a need to better understand how other factors, such as socioeconomic and environmental vulnerabilities, affect human mobility. The effects of climate change have intensified displacement and migration flows in the Americas. Populations exposed to environmental risk factors have been forced to migrate within their countries or to emigrate, become forcibly displaced or be relocated to safer locations, generating new challenges for the States of the region.

How to connect people and facilitate access to knowledge?
MOVE-LAM: a regional platform

Connecting and raising awareness

Connecting and raising awareness

Integrating data, knowledge and actors. Promoting knowledge of this issue among a wide public

Producing and collaborating

Producing and collaborating

Collective efforts to gather, produce and share information on human mobility

Simplificando y compartiend

Simplifying and sharing

Scientific knowledge transformed into practical and easily accessible information for all relevant and interested actors

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The focus of the work of the Latin American Observatory on Human Mobility, Climate Change and Disasters (MOVE-LAM) is on increasing knowledge regarding the relationships between human mobility, climate change and disasters as drivers of human mobility. We wish to raise awareness among a wide public and Latin American stakeholders taking account of their different realities and perspectives.

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The Observatory has no funds of its own. Each individual can contribute to its work. Help us to continue promoting more knowledge about the impact of climate change at the level of individuals and communities in Latin America and the Caribbean.